Cycling: Borrego Springs Century

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97 miles with 2,800 feet of climbing
Borrego Springs Century • Route Profile
97 miles 2,800 feet • Recorded with a CicloSport HAC 4

Borrego Springs Century • Climbs

Mile 42 (cat. 4)

Borrego Springs Century • Description

The Borrego Springs Century is a scenic desert ride through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It is designed as two partially overlapping counter-clockwise loops, the first one measuring 65 miles and the second one 32 miles. The event is small but with fine support, including Julian apple pie and ice cream at the finish line.
Both loops start at Palm Canyon Resort, pass Christmas Circle, and continue on Borrego Springs Road (southbound). The first loop leads out-and-back to Highway 78, passing a tiny airport. Both loops then follow Yaqui Pass Road to Borrego Valley Road and Palm Canyon Drive. From here loop one continues out-and-back on Borrego Salton Seaway to the tower at the Imperial County line.
Both loops then follow Henderson Canyon Road, only the final part is different. The first loop continues on Borrego Springs Road (southbound), Verbena Drive, and Hoberg Road, while loop two follows Di Giorgio Road, Christmas Circle, and Borrego Springs Road (northbound), before leading through the Country Club and back to Palm Canyon Resort.

Borrego Springs Century • Pictures

Borrego Springs Century • Borrego Springs
[Borrego Springs]
Borrego Springs Century • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
[Anza-Borrego Desert State Park]
Borrego Springs Century • Salton Sea
[Salton Sea]
Borrego Springs Century • Orange Grove
[Orange Grove]
Borrego Springs Century • Prehistoric Sculpture
[Prehistoric Sculpture]

Borrego Springs Century • Personal Notes

About half of the ride I participated in pacelines, and the last loop I rode with Mike A. from Corona.
Along the course is an exhibition of free standing prehistoric sculptures, featuring creatures like mammoths, raptors, sabers, and more.
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