Death Ride

123 miles with 14,200 feet of climbing
Death Ride • Route Profile
Route Profile

Death Ride • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 7, 25, 44, and 89
Cat. 3: Mile 60
Cat. 4: Mile 83

Death Ride • Description

The Death Ride, aka Tour of the California Alps, is an epic ride in the Sierra Nevada held in Markleeville since 1980.
The course starts in Turtle Rock Park and leads over five mountain passes: Monitor Pass West and East (8,314 feet), turning around at Highway 395, Ebbetts Pass East and West (8,730 feet), turning around in Hermit Valley, and Carson Pass (8,574 feet).
Many of the only 1,500 residents of Alpine County volunteer in this event (the Skeleton Squad), which brings about 3,000 visitors to the area (the Death Riders).
Event Website: Death Ride

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Death Ride • Pictures

Death Ride • Markleeville
Death Ride • Steep Winding Narrow Road
Steep Winding Narrow Road
Death Ride • Monitor Pass West
Monitor Pass West
Death Ride • Monitor Pass East
Monitor Pass East
Death Ride • Ebbetts Pass
Ebbetts Pass
Death Ride • Carson River
Carson River
Death Ride • Carson Pass
Carson Pass
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