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California Bicycle Rides

Welcome to TourOfCalifornia.org, covering organized cycling events and self-supported road bike rides. Rides range from fast and flat gran fondos and centuries to hilly and mountainous super centuries and double centuries, as well as multi-day tours. I started TourOfCalifornia.org to document and share rides I have personally completed, hoping to provide information and inspiration. Additionally I want to raise skin cancer awareness.
DateRide NameLocationDescription
09/12/2015Irvine, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/12/2015Best Buddies Challenge Hearst CastleCarmel, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/12/2015Mammoth Lakes, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/12/2015Siskiyou CenturyYreka, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/12/2015Tahoe Sierra CenturySquaw Valley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/12/2015Tour de FuzzSanta Rosa, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/12/2015Ventura CenturyVentura, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/12/2015White Mountain Double CenturyBishop, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
09/13/2015Challenge FondoDurham, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/13/2015Solana Beach, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/13/2015Sierra Valley Gran FondoLoyalton, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
09/19/2015Fast Freddie Gran FondoBerkeley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/19/2015Santa Clarita CenturyValencia, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/19/2015Tehachapi Gran FondoTehachapi, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/19/2015Unknown Coast Weekend (2 Days)Ferndale, CAMulti-Day
09/19/2015Veterans Victory Velo Bike RideSan Ramon, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/20/2015Surf City AIDS RideSanta Cruz, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/26/2015Canary ChallengePalo Alto, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/26/2015Bishop, CAMulti-Day
09/26/2015Knoxville Fall Classic Double CenturyVacaville, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
09/26/2015Lighthouse CenturyMorro Bay, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
09/26/2015Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALSYountville, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
09/26/2015Bike MS: San Francisco to Sonoma (2 Days)San Francisco, CAMulti-Day
09/26/2015Whitney ClassicLone Pine, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
09/28/2015Poway, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/03/2015Grizzly CenturyNorth Fork, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
10/03/2015Konocti ChallengeLakeport, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/03/2015Santa Rosa, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/03/2015Irvine, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/03/2015Share the Road RideSimi Valley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/03/2015Tour de Camp PendletonCamp Pendleton, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/03/2015Westlake Village CenturyWestlake Village, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/10/2015Asti Tour de VineAsti, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/10/2015Clovis, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
10/10/2015Bike MS: Santa Monica to Santa Barbara (2 Days)Santa Monica, CAMulti-Day
10/10/2015Bike the CoastOceanside, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/10/2015CAF Million Dollar Challenge (7 Days)San Francisco, CAMulti-Day
10/10/2015Fruit Yard CenturyModesto, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/10/2015Jamboree Rides featuring the Super CenturyPalo Cedro, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
10/10/2015The Jensie Gran Fondo of MarinNovato, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/10/2015Sacramento CenturySacramento, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/10/2015Wine and Roses Bike RideTempleton, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/17/2015Bike MS: Irvine to San Diego (2 Days)Irvine, CAMulti-Day
10/17/2015Davis, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/17/2015Santa Barbara, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/17/2015Solvang, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
10/17/2015Solvang's Finest CenturySolvang, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/17/2015Bakersfield, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
10/24/2015Oceanside Double CenturyOceanside, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
10/24/2015Irvine, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/24/2015Patriot Ride for our HeroesLa Quinta, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/24/2015Richard Selje Ride4RecoveryPasadena, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
10/24/2015Victor Valley Bicycle TourHesperia, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
11/14/2015Palm Desert CenturyPalm Desert, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
11/14/2015Upland, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
11/15/2015Giro della Costa CentraleNipomo, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
12/05/2015Dead of Winter Double CenturyMalibu, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
12/06/2015Los Angeles CF Cycle for LifeCalabasas, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
12/12/2015Borrego Springs, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
12/26/2015San Diego, CAMulti-Day
01/01/2016Long Beach, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
01/16/2016Ocotillo, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
02/06/2016Rice Valley Tandem RallyGridley, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
02/13/2016Palm Springs, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
02/20/2016Camino Real Double CenturyIrvine, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
03/05/2016Southern Inyo Double CenturyLone Pine, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
03/05/2016Escondido, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
03/12/2016Joshua Tree Double CenturyTwentynine Palms, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
03/12/2016Solvang, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
03/19/2016Solvang, CAMulti-Day
03/27/2016Dirty DevilAlpine, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
03/19/2016Solvang, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
04/09/2016Big Hat CenturyClovis, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/09/2016Agoura Hills, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
04/09/2016Agoura Hills, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
04/09/2016Tierra BellaGilroy, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
04/10/2016San Diego, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
04/16/2016Bike around the ButtesSutter, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/16/2016Cinderella Classic and ChallengePleasanton, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/16/2016Hemet Century and Double CenturyHemet, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
04/16/2016San Diego Tour de CureDel Mar, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/16/2016Monterey, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
04/16/2016Tour de OCCosta Mesa, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/23/2016Alpine, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
04/23/2016Mt. Hamilton ChallengeSanta Clara, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
04/23/2016Creston, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
04/24/2016Carlsbad, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
04/24/2016Chico, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
04/24/2016Long Beach Tour de CureLong Beach, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
04/24/2016Primavera CenturyFremont, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
04/30/2016San Ramon, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
05/07/2016Redlands, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
05/07/2016Thousand Oaks, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/07/2016Flat, Fast, Fun Bike RideColusa, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/07/2016Gold Country ChallengeGrass Valley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/07/2016Motherlode CenturyColoma, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/07/2016Ride for MomModesto, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/07/2016SoCal Cycling ChallengeOceanside, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
05/07/2016Wine Country CenturySanta Rosa, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/07/2016Long Beach, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/07/2016Tour of the Unknown CoastFerndale, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/08/2016Delta CenturyLodi, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/08/2016Grizzly Peak CenturyMoraga, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/12/2016NorCal AIDS Cycle (4 Days)Folsom, CAMulti-Day
05/14/2016Anderson CenturyAnderson, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/14/2016California Classic CenturyFresno, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/14/2016Central Coast Double CenturyPaso Robles, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
05/14/2016I Care ClassicMorgan Hill, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/14/2016L'Etape CaliforniaMount Baldy, CA80 mi, 10k+ ft
05/14/2016Lodi Sunrise CenturyLodi, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/14/2016Sonoma County Backroad ChallengePetaluma, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/15/2016Apple Blossom Bike TourPlacerville, CA100 km, 5-10k ft
05/15/2016Climate Ride (4 Days)San Francisco, CAMulti-Day
05/15/2016Strawberry Fields ForeverWatsonville, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/21/2016Borrego Springs, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
05/21/2016Davis Double CenturyDavis, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
05/21/2016Palmdale, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
05/21/2016Lebec, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/21/2016The Art of Survival CenturyTulelake, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/22/2016Paso Robles, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/28/2016Gold Country Tour de CureRocklin, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
05/28/2016Ojai Valley CenturyOjai, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
05/28/2016Encinitas, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
05/28/2016Sierra CenturyPlymouth, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
05/29/2016AIDS/LifeCycle Ride to end AIDS (7 Days)Daly City, CAMulti-Day
06/04/2016Big Ring CenturyLaguna Hills, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/04/2016Eastern Sierra Double CenturyBishop, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
06/04/2016Incarnation 100Santa Rosa, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
06/04/2016Redlands, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/05/2016America's Most Beautiful Bike RideLake Tahoe, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
06/05/2016Mendocino MonsterUkiah, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/05/2016Sequoia CenturyLos Altos Hills, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
06/11/2016Canyon Classic CenturyPatterson, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/11/2016Hayfork CenturyHayfork, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
06/11/2016Mile High 100Chester, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
06/12/2016Silicon Valley Tour de CurePalo Alto, CA75 mi, 0-5k ft
06/18/2016Best of the BayOrinda, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
06/18/2016Castle Crags CenturyMount Shasta City, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/18/2016Sebastopol, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
06/19/2016Cycle the Sierra (5 Days)Nevada City, CAMulti-Day
06/25/2016Markleeville, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
06/25/2016Clovis, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
06/25/2016Country Coast Classic Bike RideCambria, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
06/25/2016Giro BelloSebastopol, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
06/25/2016Malibu, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
06/26/2016Los Angeles, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
07/09/2016Markleeville, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
07/16/2016AbbVie Marin Headlands Arthritis Bike ClassicKentfield, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
07/16/2016Devil's Slide RidePacifica, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
07/16/2016Fall River CenturyFall River Mills, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
07/16/2016Windmill CenturySanta Maria, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
07/23/2016Santa Cruz, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
07/24/2016Graeagle CenturyGraeagle, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
07/30/2016San Rafael, CA200 mi, 10k+ ft
07/30/2016Tour de Big BearBig Bear Lake, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
07/31/2016Mount Shasta City, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
08/12/2016CAF Back to Back Century Challenge (2 Days)Sausalito, CAMulti-Day
08/13/2016Ventura, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
08/14/2016Tour of Napa ValleyNapa, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
08/20/2016Central Coast ClassiqueArroyo Grande, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
08/20/2016Ebbetts Pass CenturyBear Valley, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Gran Fondo Beverly HillsBeverly Hills, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Malibu Seven Canyon ClassicMalibu, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Death Valley Fall Double CenturyFurnace Creek, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
 Death Valley Spring Double CenturyFurnace Creek, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
 Hell's Gate HundredFurnace Creek, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Mount Laguna Bicycle ClassicPine Valley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Butterfield Double CenturyAnaheim Hills, CA200 mi, 5-10k ft
 Santa Monica - Long Beach - Santa MonicaSanta Monica, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
 Dana Point Century (Southbound)Dana Point, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
 Dana Point Century (Eastbound)Dana Point, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
 Rad Fondo (6 Rides)San Clemente, CA100 mi, 0-5k ft
 Dana Point Century (Northbound)Dana Point, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Dana Point - Santiago Peak - Dana PointDana Point, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Mount Palomar CenturyTemecula, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Nate Harrison Grade and Black CanyonPauma Valley, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Oceanside - Mount Palomar - OceansideOceanside, CA100 mi, 5-10k ft
 Angeles Crest CenturyLa Cañada Flintridge, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Dawson Saddle TraverseAzusa, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Mount Baldy Notch and Crystal LakeAzusa, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Mount Baldy and Islip SaddleGlendora, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Salton Sea CircumnavigationMecca, CA120-180 mi, 0-5k ft
 Los Angeles - San DiegoLos Angeles, CA120-180 mi, 0-5k ft
 Santa Barbara - San ClementeSanta Barbara, CA120-180 mi, 0-5k ft
 Huntington Beach - Mount Baldy - Huntington BeachHuntington Beach, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
 Dana Point - Palm SpringsDana Point, CA120-180 mi, 5-10k ft
 Seal Beach - Dawson Saddle - Seal BeachSeal Beach, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
 Angeles Crest HighwayLa Cañada Flintridge, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
 Dawson Saddle and Mount BaldyAzusa, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
 Son of Death RideLake Isabella, CA120-180 mi, 10k+ ft
 Eastern Sierra Climbs (5 Days)Lone Pine, CAMulti-Day
 High Sierra (3 Days)Mammoth Lakes, CAMulti-Day
 Redwood Coast (4 Days)Brookings, ORMulti-Day
 California Coast (6 Days)Fort Bragg, CAMulti-Day
 White Mountain PeakBig Pine, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
 Mount Wilson and Mount GleasonLa Cañada Flintridge, CA100 mi, 10k+ ft
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