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Son of Death Ride

138 miles with 16,600 feet of climbing
Son of Death Ride • Route Profile
Route Profile

Son of Death Ride • Climbs

HC: Mile 0
Cat. 1: Mile 69
Cat. 3: Mile 45 and 94
Cat. 4: Mile 25 and 119

Son of Death Ride • Description

The Son of Death Ride crosses the Southern Sierra in both directions, passing through Sequoia National Forest and leading into the Mojave Desert.
The out-and-back course starts about 18 miles north of Kernville, near Johnsondale Bridge. The first 15 miles lead up Sherman Pass, at 9,200 feet the highest point. On the way to 9 Mile Canyon the route passes Blackrock Station and Kennedy Meadows. The turnaround point is Highway 395 in the Mojave Desert, at 3,000 feet also the lowest point.

Son of Death Ride • Interactive Map

Son of Death Ride • Pictures

Son of Death Ride • Sherman Pass Road
Sherman Pass Road
Son of Death Ride • Sherman Pass
Sherman Pass
Son of Death Ride • View from Sherman Pass
View from Sherman Pass
Son of Death Ride • Blackrock Station
Blackrock Station
Son of Death Ride • Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows
Son of Death Ride • 9 Mile Canyon - Top
9 Mile Canyon - Top
Son of Death Ride • 9 Mile Canyon - Bottom
9 Mile Canyon - Bottom
Son of Death Ride • 9 Mile Canyon - View Up
9 Mile Canyon - View Up

Son of Death Ride • Personal Notes

Even though the official event was cancelled, some riders showed up in Kernville. From start to finish I rode with Jim M. from San Diego. Thanks to Beatrix S., Chelsea R., and Wade R. for providing support.
The difficulty of this ride depends a lot on the temperature during the ascent from the Mojave Desert, which in our case was up to 117 degrees. It was the hottest condition I had ever ridden in.
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