Mulholland Double Century

202 miles with 16,200 feet of climbing
Mulholland Double Century • Route Profile
Route Profile

Mulholland Double Century • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 159 and 183
Cat. 3: Mile 18, 21, 40, 48, 75, and 125
Cat. 4: Mile 27, 34, 56, 81, 93, 112, 116, 178, and 189

Mulholland Double Century • Description

The Mulholland Double Century is a difficult ride in the Santa Monica Mountains and some of the surrounding areas. Part of the course overlaps with the Mulholland Challenge, which is held on the same day.
The ride starts in Agoura Hills and descends via Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon into Malibu. After a few miles south along the ocean, the first climb winds up Topanga Canyon and Old Topanga Canyon. The course then continues on Mulholland Highway, Little Sycamore Canyon, and Cotharin Road.
The descent on Deer Creek Road offers an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. From here the course leads north on Pacific Coast Highway. Then it follows a big loop, visiting several cities and climbing Potrero Road, Grimes Canyon, and Balcom Canyon.
After returning south on Pacific Coast Highway, the longest climb of the day leads up Decker Canyon, which eventually turns into Mulholland Highway. The last big climb winds up Piuma Road, followed by a descent down Stunt Road, and a few flat miles back to Agoura Hills.

Mulholland Double Century • Interactive Map

Mulholland Double Century • Pictures

Mulholland Double Century • Rock Store
Rock Store
Mulholland Double Century • Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Double Century • Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Highway
Mulholland Double Century • Deer Creek Road
Deer Creek Road
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