Heartbreak Double Century

202 miles with 14,800 feet of climbing
Heartbreak Double Century • Route Profile
Route Profile

Heartbreak Double Century • Climbs

Cat. 3: Mile 20, 51, 68, 120, and 161
Cat. 4: Mile 30, 36, 61, 66, 77, 129, 139, and 171

Heartbreak Double Century • Description

The Heartbreak Double Century is a difficult ride that passes through Los Angeles National Forest and Los Padres National Forest. It is held on the same day as the Heartbreak Hundred and shares the course between miles 50 and 150. The remaining 100 miles lead from Palmdale to Lebec and back.
From Palmdale the ride gradually climbs on Elizabeth Lake Road, Pine Canyon Road, and Old Ridge Route, with a few ascends and descends. After crossing Antelope Valley (San Andreas Fault), it further climbs on Tejon Pass.
The ascent from Lebec to Frazier Park is followed by climbs to Mount Pinos and Apache Saddle. Then a long descent on Hudson Ranch Road heads down a ridge dividing California's Central Valley in the north from the Cuyama and Lockwood Valleys in the south.
A turn on Highway 166 and another turn on Highway 33 lead to Ventucopa. The course then continues on through Cuyama Valley and climbs up Lockwood Valley, traversing Heartbreak Hill. Eventually the route leads back to Frazier Park and down to Lebec.
From Lebec the ride follows the same roads back into Palmdale.

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Heartbreak Double Century • Pictures

Heartbreak Double Century • Hudson Ranch Road
Hudson Ranch Road
Heartbreak Double Century • Lockwood Valley Road
Lockwood Valley Road
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