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UMCA Year-Rounder Challenge

The UMCA Year-Rounder Challenge is a year-long bicycle mileage challenge designed to showcase consistent performance.
Rides are categorized by type, organized or personal, and by distance, century or ultra. Divisions include organized century, personal century, organized ultra, personal ultra, and combined.
UMCA Year-Rounder Challenge
UMCA Year-Rounder Challenge
The UMCA (UltraMarathon Cycling Association) recognizes four levels of accomplishment:
Larry Schwartz Award: Century per month
Gold: 3,000 miles in the combined division
Platinum: 5,000 miles in the combined division
Who's Who: Top five platinum riders in each division
The award for the first three levels is a personalized medal, the award for the final level is a personalized plaque and mention in UltraCycling magazine.
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