Wildflower Century

107 miles with 6,900 feet of climbing
Wildflower Century • Route Profile
Route Profile

Wildflower Century • Climbs

Cat. 3: Mile 15 and 86
Cat. 4: Mile 3, 28, 34, 46, 73, 78, and 96

Wildflower Century • Description

The Wildflower Century is a hilly ride on quiet roads, starting in Creston near San Luis Obispo. The route consists of two loops connected by an out-and-back section.
The course initially leads south on Highway 229, Highway 58, and West Pozo Road, visiting the community of Pozo. From here the route heads north on Park Hill Road and Huer Huero Road.
The course then leads east on Highway 58, before turning north on Shell Creek Road and Truesdale Road, visiting the community of Shandon. From here the route heads south on Highway 41 and La Panza Road. Eventually Highway 58 leads west and O'Donovan Road connects back to Creston.
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