Copper Triangle, Colorado

80 miles with 5,900 feet of climbing
Copper Triangle • Route Profile
Route Profile

Copper Triangle • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 5 and 22
Cat. 4: Mile 50 and 65

Copper Triangle • Description

Copper Triangle, also known as Leadville Loop, is a classic Colorado road bike ride. This ride starts in Vail and follows the loop clockwise, which seems to be the more common direction. Since a few years ago, there is also an organized event, starting at Copper Mountain Resort.
The ride climbs three mountain passes, including Vail Pass (10,666 feet), Fremont Pass (11,318 feet), and Tennessee Pass (10,424 feet), followed by a fourth climb up Battle Mountain.
Between Vail and Copper Mountain Resort the route follows the frontage road and Vail Pass bike path. Then it continues on Highway 91 towards Leadville (the highest city in America). From here the route follows Highway 24 to Minturn. The final miles are again on a bike path that leads to the frontage road and back to Vail.

Copper Triangle • Interactive Map

Copper Triangle • Pictures

Copper Triangle • Vail Pass Bike Path
Vail Pass Bike Path
Copper Triangle • Fremont Pass
Fremont Pass
Copper Triangle • Tennessee Pass
Tennessee Pass
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