Mount Tam Double Century

195 miles with 16,100 feet of climbing
Mount Tam Double Century • Route Profile
Route Profile

Mount Tam Double Century • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 28
Cat. 3: Mile 20, 130, and 163
Cat. 4: Mile 6, 50, 61, 80, 124, 133, 136, 150, and 183

Mount Tam Double Century • Description

Mount Tam Double Century is a beautiful and challenging ride that leads over Mt. Tam and as far north as Bodega Bay, with stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Coast. Different distances are available, including a double metric century and two centuries.
The ride starts in San Rafael and initially follows Lucas Valley Road, Nicasio Valley Road, and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, which leads into Fairfax.
The ascent to the East Peak of Mt. Tam starts via Bolinas Fairfax Road, passing Alpine Lake, and continues on Ridgecrest Boulevard/East Ridgecrest Boulevard. The descent follows Panoramic Highway and Muir Woods Road, which leads into Muir Beach.
From here the route heads north on Highway 1, passing through Stinson Beach, Five Brooks, Olema, and Point Reyes Station. Next, the ride leads inland to Petaluma, passing Nicasio Reservoir.
After Petaluma, the route continues towards Valley Ford and back to the coast in Bodega Bay, climbing scenic Bay Hill Road. Coleman Valley Road, also known as "the wall", leads over the coastal range and through redwoods, and Joy Road loops back to Valley Ford.
From here the route heads south to Tomales, where it follows Highway 1 along Tomales Bay. Marshal Petaluma Road leads to Point Reyes Petaluma Road, which leads to Nicasio Valley Road, passing Nicasio Reservoir and Nicasio.
The final section follows Lucas Valley Road in reverse direction, back to San Rafael.

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Mount Tam Double Century • View from Mount Tam
View from Mount Tam
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