Dirty Devil

145 miles with 14,200 feet of climbing
28 miles with 4,300 feet of climbing on dirt
Dirty Devil • Route Profile
Route Profile

Dirty Devil • Climbs

Cat. 3: Mile 0, 4, 13, 22, 32, 38, 71, 86, 93, 137, and 141
Cat. 4: Mile 30, 66, 89, and 106

Dirty Devil • Description

The Dirty Devil is a challenging multi-surface ride through East County San Diego. Different distances are available, including a super century with three dirt sectors, and a century with two dirt sectors:
• Viejas Grade starts at mile 12.9 and is 4.3 miles long with 1,200 feet of elevation gain
• Boulder Creek starts at mile 23.5 and is 12.8 miles long with 1,360 feet of elevation gain
• Black Canyon starts at mile 66.1 and is 11.4 miles long with 1,790 feet of elevation gain
The route begins in Alpine and leads up to Viejas Grade Road, which includes dirt sector one. Then it follows Boulder Creek Road, which includes dirt sector two.
Next, Highway 78 leads down through Santa Ysabel, and Old Julian Highway leads down into Ramona. From here the route climbs Black Canyon Road, which includes dirt sector three.
Mesa Grande Road turns into Highway 79, which leads to Santa Ysabel, and Wynola Road and Banner Grade Road climb to Julian.
Next, Highway 79 passes Lake Cuyamaca and descends to Descanso. Japatul Valley Road and Japatul Road continue on down towards Loveland Reservoir.
Finally, Dehesa Road drops to the town of Harbison Canyon, and Harbison Canyon Road and South Grade Road climb back to Alpine.
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Dirty Devil • Viejas Grade
Viejas Grade
Dirty Devil • Boulder Creek
Boulder Creek
Dirty Devil • Black Canyon
Black Canyon
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