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Angeles Crest Highway

121 miles with 13,300 feet of climbing
Angeles Crest Highway • Route Profile
Route Profile

Angeles Crest Highway • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 1 and 28
Cat. 3: Mile 12, 18, 41, 52, 61, and 70
Cat. 4: Mile 22, 36, 85, and 103

Angeles Crest Highway • Description

Angeles Crest Highway (Highway 2) is a scenic mountain-rural ride through the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest. This super century offers plenty of climbing, but always on moderate grades (around five percent).
The ride starts in La Cañada Flintridge, the beginning of the Angeles Crest Highway. The route follows Highway 2 for about 60 miles to Wrightwood, the turnaround point. On the way it passes Red Box (the turnoff to Mount Wilson), Newcomb's Ranch, Cloud Burst Summit, two tiny ski resorts (Mount Waterman and Kratka Ridge), two tunnels, Islip Saddle, Dawson Saddle (the highest point at 7,901 feet), Vincent Gulch Divide, Blue Ridge (Inspiration Point), and Big Pines. The way out requires over 9,000 feet of climbing, the way back over 4,000 feet.

Angeles Crest Highway • Interactive Map

Angeles Crest Highway • Pictures

Angeles Crest Highway • View from Red Box
View from Red Box
Angeles Crest Highway • Newcomb's Ranch
Newcomb's Ranch
Angeles Crest Highway • Cloud Burst Summit
Cloud Burst Summit
Angeles Crest Highway • View from Jarvi Memorial Vista
View from Jarvi Memorial Vista
Angeles Crest Highway • Dawson Saddle
Dawson Saddle
Angeles Crest Highway • View of Mount Baldy
View of Mount Baldy
Angeles Crest Highway • Wrightwood Cyclery
Wrightwood Cyclery

Angeles Crest Highway • Personal Notes

John L., Johnny U., and I went for this ride. John forgot to bring his shorts and jersey and had to ride in street clothes. In Wrightwood, we checked out Wrightwood Cyclery, but it focuses on service and repair. Eric N., the owner, was so kind to give John a pair of his own cycling shorts.
Newcomb's Ranch and Wrightwood were the only locations with water and food on the ride (the water fountains at Red Box and in Big Pines did not work). On weekends, these locations are popular with motorcyclists. A Harley at the last stop was my introduction to Hank Williams Jr.
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