Belgian Waffle Ride

130 miles with 10,200 feet of climbing
10 miles with 1,000 feet of climbing on dirt
(Route changes every year)
Belgian Waffle Ride • Route Profile
Route Profile

Belgian Waffle Ride • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 115
Cat. 3: Mile 56
Cat. 4: Mile 30, 32, 40, 46, 48, 61, 64, 66, 76, 79, 97, and 108

Belgian Waffle Ride • Description

The Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) is a popular multi-surface race and ride through North County San Diego. Also known as Hell of the North (County), it was created in the spirit of the European Spring Classics. Categories for men and women include:
• General Classification (GC)
• King/Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM)
• King/Queen of the Dirt (KOD/QOD)
• Sprinter (KOS/QOS)
• Hardman/Woman
Adherence to riding the full course and segment timing is tracked via Strava. The KOM competition includes three climbs, KOD includes eight dirt segments, and KOS includes three sprint segments.
The BWR starts at the SPY HQ in Carlsbad with 22 neutral miles to San Luis Rey River bike trail. Initially the course leads south along Batiquitos Lagoon, then it turns north on Coast Highway. Next the course leads inland around Agua Hedionda Lagoon, then it runs parallel to the coast through Oceanside.
KOD #1 starts at Foussat Road and runs south along San Luis Rey River bike trail. KOD #2 starts at Douglas Drive and runs north along the trail. North River Road, KOS #1, leads to Via Puerta del Sol, KOD #3.
The course then climbs through Bonsall and Fallbrook and eventually crosses Freeway 15 to climb into Rainbow, the northernmost point. The route then descends through Rice Canyon and climbs through Couser Canyon, KOM #1.
Lilac Road and Old Castle Road lead to Wilkes Road and Sierra Rojo Road, KOD #4. Lilac Road and Betsworth Road lead to Country Club Lane and Frace Lane, KOD #5.
After passing through Valley Center, Woods Valley Road leads to Lake Wohlford Road, KOS #2, which descends into Escondido. After passing through Escondido, Summit Drive and Old San Pasqual Road lead to Ysabel Creek Road, KOD #6.
The course then climbs Bandy Canyon, KOM #2, and follows Highland Valley Road, KOS #3. After crossing Freeway 15, Lake Hodges bridge connects to Lake Hodges trail, KOD #7.
Lake Drive climbs to Escondido, and Harmony Grove Road leads to Questhaven Road, KOD #8. San Elijo Road climbs to Double Peak Drive, KOM #3, the last hard climb (20 percent grade).
The final section leads down Double Peak Drive, through San Elijo Hills, and back to the SPY HQ in Carlsbad.
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Belgian Waffle Ride • Interactive Map

Belgian Waffle Ride • Pictures

Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #1 (San Luis Rey River Bike Trail)
KOD #1 (San Luis Rey River Bike Trail)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #2 (San Luis Rey River Bike Trail)
KOD #2 (San Luis Rey River Bike Trail)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #3 (Via Puerta del Sol)
KOD #3 (Via Puerta del Sol)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #4 (Sierra Rojo Road)
KOD #4 (Sierra Rojo Road)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #5 (Country Club Lane)
KOD #5 (Country Club Lane)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #6 (Ysabel Creek Road)
KOD #6 (Ysabel Creek Road)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #7 (Lake Hodges Trail)
KOD #7 (Lake Hodges Trail)
Belgian Waffle Ride • KOD #8 (Questhaven Road)
KOD #8 (Questhaven Road)
Belgian Waffle Ride • Double Peak Drive
Double Peak Drive
Belgian Waffle Ride • Bad Ass Ale
Bad Ass Ale
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