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Hiking: Mount Wilson via Chantry Flats

Summit elevation: 5,713 feet
15 miles with 4,400 feet of climbing
Mount Wilson • Route Profile
Route Profile

Mount Wilson • Description

Mount Wilson is one of the best known peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains, famous for its observatory. The summit offers an impressive view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.
Several trails lead up the mountain, this loop being popular with hikers. The loop starts at Chantry Flats, and after a short downhill section, leads up Gabrielino Trail. After about a mile and a half, a half-mile out-and-back section visits Sturtevant Falls.
Gabrielino Trail offers two options, an upper and a lower trail, which merge at Spruce Grove Campground. Sturtevant Trail, which includes a section of switchbacks, continues on to the top of Mount Wilson.
A trail at the radio and television antennas serves as shortcut to Mount Wilson Toll Road. After a section on the dirt road, Winter Creek Trail continues on down the mountain. About three miles down the trail forks at Hoegees Campground, with an upper and a lower option.
The upper trail is a mile longer, but after a short uphill section continues on down all the way to Chantry Flats. The lower trail eventually merges with Gabrielino Trail and finishes with an uphill section.

Mount Wilson • Interactive Map

Mount Wilson • Pictures

Mount Wilson • Sturtevant Falls
Sturtevant Falls
Mount Wilson • Sturtevant Trail
Sturtevant Trail
Mount Wilson • View of Mount Baldy
View of Mount Baldy
Mount Wilson • Observatory
Mount Wilson • Solar Tower
Solar Tower
Mount Wilson • Radio and Television Antennas
Radio and Television Antennas
Mount Wilson • View of Los Angeles
View of Los Angeles
Mount Wilson • Summit Marker
Summit Marker

Mount Wilson • Personal Notes

Sandra, Sergio J., and I went for this hike. The Mount Wilson Observatory with its large telescope and solar tower is rich in astronomic history.
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