Wildest Ride

110 miles with 11,300 feet of climbing
Wildest Ride • Route Profile
Route Profile

Wildest Ride • Climbs

Cat. 2: Mile 54
Cat. 3: Mile 18, 25, 62, and 70
Cat. 4: Mile 7, 15, 29, 32, 37, 47, and 107

Wildest Ride • Description

The Wildest Ride is a great event in Auburn, leading through historic Gold Country into the heart of the Sierra Nevada.
Different routes are available, among the toughest in California: 140 miles with 15,000 feet of climbing (Lone Ranger), 110 miles with 11,300 feet of climbing (Outlaw), and shorter routes. The Lone Ranger and Outlaw routes follow a big loop with two out-and-back sections.
The course starts in Auburn and gradually climbs to Colfax, descending to Bear River on the way. From Colfax an out-and-back climb leads to Dutch Flat, passing Rollins Reservoir on the return.
After Colfax the ride follows Iowa Hill Road, dropping down to North Fork American River. The timed hillclimb out of the gorge averages 12 percent over 1.7 miles. Iowa Hill Road continues to climb and passes through the namesake town. It turns into Sugar Pine Road, which passes Sugar Pine Reservoir and continues to ascend.
Foresthill Road is an out-and-back climb which leads to China Wall (Outlaw route) and continues on to Robinson Flat (Lone Ranger route). On the descent Foresthill Road passes through the namesake town. After a detour on Yankee Jim Road and Spring Garden Road, Foresthill Road continues to descend. Foresthill Bridge, at 730 feet the highest in California, leads over North Fork American River and back into Auburn.

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Wildest Ride • Pictures

Wildest Ride • North Fork American River
North Fork American River
Wildest Ride • View from Foresthill Bridge
View from Foresthill Bridge
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