Tierra Bella

97 miles with 6,300 feet of climbing
Tierra Bella • Route Profile
Route Profile

Tierra Bella • Climbs

Cat. 3: Mile 10, 45, and 49
Cat. 4: Mile 41, 60, 74, and 77

Tierra Bella • Description

Tierra Bella, celebrating its 40th annual edition, is a top-rated cycling event in southern Santa Clara County. Four different routes are available, including a century and double metric century.
All routes start at Gavilan College in Gilroy. The century leads to the east side of Santa Clara Valley for the 15-mile Canada Loop - a climb to Gilroy Hot Springs followed by a descent on Canada Road.
The course then heads north towards Morgan Hill for the 12-mile climb to Henry Coe State Park Headquarters, crossing Anderson Lake Bridge and passing Anderson Lake (out-and-back).
The ride then heads further north and to the west side of Santa Clara Valley for the climb to Calero Reservoir. Here the route turns south, passing Chesbro Reservoir on the way back to Gilroy.
Event Website: Tierra Bella

Tierra Bella • Interactive Map

Tierra Bella • Pictures

Tierra Bella • Anderson Lake Bridge
Anderson Lake Bridge
Tierra Bella • View from Henry Coe State Park
View from Henry Coe State Park

Tierra Bella • Personal Notes

Lisa, her cat Mishka, and I drove up to Davis with a stop in Gilroy, where I rode the Tierra Bella.
I enjoyed the event, which is very well organized. Over 300 volunteers of the Almaden Cycle Touring Club are supporting 2,000 riders. Thank you to all!
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